Hello Baby Hypnobirthing

Hello Baby Hypnobirthing provides complete birth preparation courses. Straight forward, sensible and logical. Providing information, tools and techniques to prepare you and your birth partner for your birth and the arrival of your baby.

  • Understand the impact of fear on your birth experience.
  • Learn the benefits of feeling confident, informed and relaxed about birth.
  • Understanding your body, your hormones and using this to your advantage
  • Know why feeling prepared, knowledgeable and empowered to make your own choices during birth is so important.


PLUS Courses in Postnatal Planning

  • Preparing for the fourth trimester.
  • Learning about what you can expect and may experience.
  • Taking care of yourself and your baby.

Support in Birth Trauma Recovery is also available.


Local Courses

Group Classes are held monthly in Wakefield close to J40 of the M1.

Private, Intensive and Refresher courses are also available.


Virtual Courses

Recent events have caused many courses to be run online, so join me on Zoom to get the same experience virtually.

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