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Monkey Swimmers

Monkey-Swimmers-1b-e1401655960714-150x150 Monkey-Swimmers-1-e1401655926549-150x150My youngest daughter, aged almost three was incredibly excited to receive these Monkey Swimmers and couldn’t wait to try them on. In fact she tested them out numerous times around the house before we even made it to the pool! The accompanying monkey chart and story book were a fantastic addition to the product and really helped my daughter understand the concept.

The bands fitted snugly to her arms, they slid on far easier than traditional armbands and appeared to be very comfortable. They didn’t leave any marks like plastic inflatable ones can sometimes do.

My daughter was slightly apprehensive when she first got in the water as the Monkey Swimmers seem to hold her slightly lower in the water than traditional armbands however once she got used to this, her positioning in the water was actually far better for swimming. Furthermore, the bands are much slimmer and so far less restrictive than inflatable bands.Monkey-Swimmers-4-e1401656098179-150x150Monkey-Swimmers-2-e1401656001334-150x150

My eldest daughter, who is 5 (and can pretty much swim already) was desperate to
have a go with the bands and was soon zooming up and down the pool with them on.

I would have liked to have tried her out with just a single layer however the one downside to these bands is that once you take a layer off you can’t put it back on so in the interests of keeping them complete for my youngest daughter I left them intact.

The Monkey Swimmers dried out quickly after use and I will definitely use them in future instead of inflatable bands.

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Note: Monkey Swimmers provided me with the product for this review however the content and opinion is Harrogate Mumbler’s own.