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If you contact your local school directly they will be able to tell you if you are within their catchment area, they will also be able to give you details of any open days or their policy for visiting the school.

You may also want to read the school’s most recent OFSTED report to help you make your decision. Here

You may visit and or apply for a place at any school, however the admissions policy will outline who has priority (children with a statement of educational special needs, those with siblings in the school and those within the catchment etc) See your chosen schools website for full details.

The councils website showing catchment areas can be found here

There is no guarantee of getting a place in your preferred (or even second or third choice school) and the information about the appeals procedure can be found here.

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Wakefield School Holiday Dates 2021/22

Note – The 2021/22 school calendar has been amended to reflect the Government’s decision to change the Spring Bank Holiday from Monday, 30 May 2022 to Thursday, 2 June 2022. There has also been the addition of Platinum Jubilee Bank Holiday on Friday, 3 June 2022.


For things to do in the school holidays – click here


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Applications for Secondary School in Wakefield

Parents of children currently in Year 6 can apply for a Secondary School place to start in September 2021.


The deadline for applying is 31st October 2020 and you can do so online HERE


You can apply for up to 5 different schools into the Wakefield area, putting the schools in order of preference.


The following virtual open sessions have been released so far by secondary schools in Wakefield.


State Schools

Airedale AcademyNo details available yet
Carleton High SchoolThursday 15th October 2020From 6.30pm
Castleford AcademyCheck website as a Virtual Open Evening video will be uploaded on a dedicated page
Cathedral AcademyVisit website for Virtual Open Evening video on a dedicated page
Crofton AcademyCheck website as a Virtual Open Evening video will be uploaded on a dedicated page
De Lacy AcademyTuesday 29th September 2020Live from 5pm (need to pre-register)
The Featherstone AcademyCheck website for details of virtual event
Horbury AcademyNo details released yet
Kettlethorpe High SchoolOnline during October 2020, check website fro details
The King’s SchoolThursday 13th October 2020From 6.30pm
Minsthorpe Community CollegeNo details available yet
Ossett AcademyNo details available yet
Outwood Academy City Fields No details available yet
Outwood Academy FreestonVisit website for Virtual Open Evening video on a dedicated page
Outwood Academy HemsworthVisit website for Virtual Open Evening video on a dedicated page
Outwood Grange AcademyVisit website for Virtual Open Evening video on a dedicated page
St Thomas a Beckett Catholic SchoolTuesday 29th September 2020Check website for more details
St Wilfred’s Catholic High SchoolSaturday 3rd October 2020From 10am, check website for more details


Independent Schools 

Ackworth School3rd October 2020See website as pre-registration required
Queen Elizabeth Grammar School13th & 14th October 2020Virtual: 4-7pm
Silcoates SchoolCall school to make an appointment
Wakefield Girls’ High School13th & 14th October 2020Virtual 4-7pm

Applying for a Primary School Place in Wakefield

Will your child be joining Reception in September 2022 and you are wondering how you apply for a Wakefield Primary School place?


Don’t worry we have put together a step by step process on what to do!


If your child was born between 1st September 2017 and 31st August 2018, you can apply for a full-time school place to start school in September 2022.  You will receive a letter from Wakefield Council in Autumn 2021.

  • The closing date for applications is 15th January 2022
  • Results will be available online 00:30am Tuesday 19th April 2022



If you want to know about the potential number of children applying for each school, a really good document is the ‘School Organisation Plan’ produced by Wakefield Council.


I came across this when my son was 18 months old and went into a bit of a panic as I realised Mini Mumbler’s intake year was oversubscribed!! There was a note to say they were aware of this and were looking at actions to increase the number of places. Luckily, by the time the next school year came around they had a planning application in for an additional classroom!


Visiting Schools

I would highly recommend getting in contact with a few schools that you think you will put on the application form. As there are currently restrictions with outside visitors coming into schools I recommend you getting in contact with them to arrange the best way to find out about the school.  We have listed the contact details all schools in Wakefield District here.


Write a list of questions to ask on your visit; is there wrap around care, are the meals cooked on the premises, what outdoor learning activities do the children take part in, are there music lessons were some of the questions we asked.  And if you forgot to ask a question, do ring them back up!



You can apply in two ways; online and or by the paper application that you should have received through the post

Wakefield Council advise to apply online (here’s a quick link for you!)

  • Your application won’t get lost in the post
  • You get an email confirmation saying that your application has been received
  • You can change your mind right up until the closing date of 15th January 2022 (you need to email them though if you change your mind after receiving the confirmation email!)
  • You can find out the result immediately at 00:30am Tuesday 19th April 2022 instead of waiting for the post (they send it out 2nd class!)


Applying online

  • The first thing you need to do is create an account on Parent Portal with a username and password
  • Click the purple ‘Start Now’ which takes you to the Synergy Parent Portal
  • On the top left-hand corner click ‘Create Account’ and complete details
  • Click ‘log in’ which takes you to the Applicant Summary page
  • If you click ‘View Admissions’, it takes you through to a page where you can add your school preferences
  • You can choose up to 5 schools and you should select them in order of preference.
  • When you select a school, it comes up with a tick box of preference reasons and allows you to add additional notes
  • If you change your mind or get them in the wrong order, don’t worry as there are arrows so you can move the school up or down
  • Remember to click ‘Submit Application’!


Remember only putting one school preference does not guarantee your child getting into that school. If they are oversubscribed and you haven’t put a 2nd or 3rd preference, then the local authority will decide the school.



Results will be online at 00:30am Tuesday 19th April 2022. The link to login is available here. I couldn’t remember my password and have just done the automated ‘forgotten password’! It only took a couple of minutes to come through to my email


Appeal Process

If your school preference place is not confirmed you have the right to appeal. Your appeal should be received by end May 2022 (TBC). You can find the appeal form here and appeal hearings commence from June 2022 onwards. There are further appeal documents on Wakefield Council website available here


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Crofton Infants’ School, Crofton WF1

‘Success is a shared experience’

Academy: Waterton Academy Trust

Ofsted: GOOD March 2012

Nursery 3-4 year olds

Call: 01924 864 711

Dane Royd Junior & Infant School, Crigglestone WF4

‘Enrichment beyond the classroom’

A Wakefield Local Authority Maintained School

Ofsted: GOOD June 2013

Extended School provision 7:30am – 6pm

Nursery 3-4 year olds

Call: 01924 303 500

Flanshaw Junior, Infant and Nursery School

‘Pride through learning-Challenging our community to succeed’

Ofsted: GOOD July 2015

Nursery 3-4 year olds

Call: 01924 303 645

Hendal Primary School, Kettlethorpe WF2 7

‘We aim to foster in our children values and attitudes which will serve them well throughout their whole lives’

Ofsted: GOOD November 2012

Extended School provision 7am – 5:30pm

Nursery 3-4 year olds

Call: 01924 259 465

Horbury Primary School, Horbury WF4 5

Ofsted: GOOD May 2013

Extended School provision 7:30am – 6pm


Call: 01924 302810

Lawefield Primary School, Wakefield WF2 8

‘We are proud of our thoughtful, well-rounded children and committed to a holistic approach to learning’

Ofsted: GOOD May 2014


Call: 01924 303 670

Mackie Hill Junior & Infant School, Crigglestone WF4

‘Learning for you, learning for life’

Ofsted: GOOD January 2013

Nursery 3-year olds

Call: 01924 303 520

Middlestown Junior & Infant School, Middlestown WF4 4

Ofsted: GOOD March 2015

Extended School provision 7:30am – 6pm

Nursery 3-4 year olds

Call: 01924 302 820

Netherton Junior & Infant Scool, Netherton WF4 4

‘Enjoy, Achieve and Aspire’



Call: 01924 274 873

Sandal Magna Community Primary School, Wakefield WF15

‘The heart and future of the community’


Call: 01924 303 530

Snapethorpe Primary School, Lupset WF2 8

‘Working together, achieving more’

Ofsted: OUTSTANDING March 2013


Call: 01924 367 396

South Parade Primary School, Ossett WF5 0

‘Our children are encouraged to explore, discover and question through a range of exciting learning opportunities both within and outside the classroom.’

Ofsted: GOOD September 2013

Nursery 3-4 year olds

Call: 01924 302 875

Wakefield Methodist (VC) Junior, Infant & Nursery School, Wakefield WF2

‘Ethic of Excellence’

Ofsted: GOOD July 2013

Nursery 3-4 year olds

Call: 01924 303630


West Bretton Junior & Infant School, West Bretton WF4

‘They come this way only once so we should pave their pathways with quality experiences. Let everyone who journeys with us be happier and more fulfilled for having shared time with us.’

Ofsted: GOOD November 2011


Call: 01924 830 204