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If you contact your local school directly they will be able to tell you if you are within their catchment area, they will also be able to give you details of any open days or their policy for visiting the school.

You may also want to read the school’s most recent OFSTED report to help you make your decision. Here

You may visit and or apply for a place at any school, however the admissions policy will outline who has priority (children with a statement of educational special needs, those with siblings in the school and those within the catchment etc) See your chosen schools website for full details.

The councils website showing catchment areas can be found here

There is no guarantee of getting a place in your preferred (or even second or third choice school) and the information about the appeals procedure can be found here.

Featured Listing

Ackworth School, WF7

ackworthschoolAckworth has always been a co-educational, boarding and day school. For over 230 years, we have maintained a passion for teaching and learning. We are proud of our traditions and family values, but equally proud of our innovative approach to co-education.

Located in a beautiful rural setting in Yorkshire, we offer broad educational opportunities from nursery age to sixth form, for day pupils and boarders.



imagesAckworth is a dynamic and forward-thinking school. We strive to develop resilient individuals who not only think creatively, but also act ethically and with responsibility. We encourage our students to express themselves with confidence, to embody the Quaker value of speaking respectfully to others, but also in a way that is true to themselves and their beliefs.


Some of the educational opportunities available:

  • proven academic performance
  • a safe and supportive atmosphere
  • the strength of quiet reflection
  • excellent sport, music, drama, visual arts and recreational facilities

Please come and visit us. We look forward to welcoming you to Ackworth.

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Call: o1977 611 401

Silcoates School, WF2

We provide an all-round education with an academic edge, encouraging positive relationships, strong friendships and core values of tolerance and understanding, arising from our Christian foundation.
We promote the highest standards of learning and a commitment to personal discovery, with an expectation of excellence from our pupils and our staff.
We celebrate the breadth of talents that pupils and staff bring to Silcoates School.

Call: 01924 291 614

Wakefield Independent School, Nostell WF4

The aims and objectives of Wakefield Independent School are extremely simple:

To treat children with respect and, through example, to instil the highest moral values and attitudes towards others.
To provide a sound educational programme based on a well-balanced curriculum, applying equal opportunities to all pupils through consistently high standards and the pursuit of excellence.
The encouragement of all children to realise their potential through the recognition of personal talents and ability.
To optimise relationships through good conduct, discipline and confidence in preparation for emergence into the adult world.
To foster the emotional well-being created by a structured environment so essential to the development of a well-balanced individual.

Call: 01924 865 757

WGSF, Mulberry House WF1

Mulberry House Nursery establishes a firm foundation for the future, combining enjoyment with laying down solid learning foundations.

Each boy or girl aged 3 or 4, gains confidence, independence and an appetite for learning at the start of a long and successful school career.

Call: 01924 231 618

WGSF, Queen Elizabeth Grammar School, WF1

Boys aged 4-11 years

Queen Elizabeth Grammar School Junior School fosters an ethos where academic success is gained by valuing learning in an understanding and well-structured environment.

The school caters for the needs of a range of abilities in a balanced curriculum, making each pupil feel valued, included and secure.

Call: 01924 231 627

WGSF, Queen Elizabeth Grammar Senior School, WF1

Boys Aged 11-18 years

Queen Elizabeth Grammar School, exists to nurture the growth in young people of respect, responsibility, kindness and individuality and seeks to provide opportunities for the achievement of excellence in the academic, aesthetic, cultural and sporting spheres.

Call: 01924 373 943


WGSF, Wakefield Girls’ High School, WF1

Research highlights that girls achieve greater academic success, have access to numerous educational and leadership opportunities and are more confident in girls-only education. WGHS has had a proud history of educating and empowering girls since its foundation in 1878.

Girls are encouraged to make the most of their school career; to take risks and aim for all and more than they can achieve.

Call: 01924 231 618

WGSF, Wakefield Girl’s Senior School, WF1

Retaining the same guiding principles of its foundation,WGHS enables girls to achieve the qualifications necessary to fulfil their ambitions and potential at the same time as nurturing their sense of self worth, responsibility towards others and mutual respect.

Whilst it is a fee-paying school, WGHS also offers a number of bursaries and scholarships. Autonomous, and yet one of the family of schools that comprise the Wakefield Grammar School Foundation, WGHS delivers all the benefits of a single-sex education whilst also providing academic social and cultural links with its brother school, QEGS.

Call: 01924 372 490