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Please be aware; this is purely a listing service. None of the child carers or their qualifications have been checked out or verified by Wakefield Mumbler. Wakefield Mumbler does not endorse or recommend any of these child carers and parents are required to make their own enquiries and check references. Please see our full terms and conditionsContact us here if you are a nursery, preschool, childminder, nanny or babysitter and would like to be included in this listing.

Childcare Options: 

Private Day Nurseries. These are OFSTED registered privately run nurseries which usually offer a variety of different sessions. Usually they are open from 8am to 6pm although some may do extended hours, and are open throughout the year other than public holidays.

Pre-Schools usually offer sessional care for children from the age of 2 to 5. They often work only in term-time, and in most cases offer funded provision for 3 and 4 year olds. They will be OFSTED registered and you can usual pay for top up sessions if you need more than the funded sessions. These are often but not always attached to a pre-school although attendance does not guarantee a place at the primary school.

Registered Childminders These are OFSTED regulated childcare professionals who look after children in their own home. They are usually flexible and may be able to offer school drop offs and pick ups. Hours will vary however most will do at least 8.30am-5.30pm.

Nannies & Baby Sitters. These carers are not necessarily OFSTED registered and would look after your children in your own home. Prices and experience varies greatly so do your research and get recommendations from people that you know well.

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ABC, Ossett

Open 6:45am to 7pm Mon-Thurs, Fridays 6:45am-6pm

For Children aged 1mth to 14yrs

I have over 10 years previous experience of childminding children of all ages from 3 months. I have also worked in a day nursery, creche and holiday playscheme settings. I can provide a varied weekly routine including regular trips out and about and activities such as painting, sand, baking, music etc. I have a daughter who is now in her early teens.

Call:01924 264 382

Angie’s Angels Childcare, Ossett

Ofsted registered childminder in Ossett, with over 20 years childcare experience.

Children are cared for in a safe, nurturing setting, close to Ossett town centre.


Angela 07949 910046

Ash’s Ankle Biters, Ossett

Open 8am-5:30pm Mon-Thurs

For Children aged 3mths to 11 yrs

I offer a warm, secure and stimulating environment for children to feel safe and develop in, whilst they are at my home. We have a wide range of indoor toys as well as a variety of outdoor toys in a secure back garden.

Call: 07795 481 027

Babydoll Childcare

We’re a husband a wife childminding team in Altofts. If you’re looking for quality, professional childcare in a very nice homely environment, give us a call! Our next vacancies are in September 2017 and we’ll be looking for children in the EYFS group, from 0 – 5 years.

Call: Marianne Arnold 01924 898 922

Cheeky Monkey Childcare, Ossett

Open 7am-6pm Mon-Fri

For children aged 1mth to 11 yrs

Call:07540 389 449

Clare Dransfield, Ossett

Open 7am-6:30pm Mon-Fri

For children aged 1mth to 11yrs

My playroom and garden is to suit all ages, I have two boys aged 6 and 8 both at Holy Trinity school.
I feel I am a loving, warm and friendly mum and would be the same as a carer. Experience from bringing my own two up and watching my mum when I was in my teens with her childminding children. I am also very professional in my setting and can be flexible to suit whenever possible.
I have completed a Level 3 Childcare and Learning Development qualification as well as the Early Years Foundation Stage.

Call:07931 812 525

Elaine Teece, Horbury

Open 6:30am-6:30pm Mon-Fri

For Children ages 1mth to 15yrs

Call:01924 274 825

Gillian Downs, Horbury

Open 6am-6pm Mo-Fri

For children aged 1mth-11yrs

Call:01924 278 627

Grafton House Childminder, Ossett

Open 7:30am-5:30pm Mon-Fri

For children aged 3mths-11yrs

I am a newly registered Ofsted registered childminder working in Ossett. I first realised it was my ambition to work with children shortly after leaving school and gaining my first GNVQ in Health & Social Care. I then went on to train as a Nursery Nurse gaining an NVQ Level 2 & 3 in Early Years & Education.
I’ve had 14 years of experience working in childcare.

Call:07527 407 172

Little Treasures, Horbury

Open 7am-6pm Mon-Fri

Taking children from 8months to 10years.

Call:01924 267 801

Michelle Evans, Ossett

Open 7:30am-6pm Mon-Fri

For children aged 6mths-16yrs

Call:07886 533 569

Mother Hen’s Childminding, Ossett

Open 8am-5:30pm Mon-Fri

For Children from 1mth to 5yrs

I offer a high standard of childcare in a safe, stimulation and smoke free environment. I follow the Early Years Foundation framework, helping each child to grow and develop through planned activities and experiences within my home, garden and local area. I offer a large secure well equipped garden with an allotment and six hens. Also a dedicated playroom with a large variety of toys.
I believe by helping the children maintain a happy and healthy lifestyle I will be supporting the family as a whole giving parents the confidence to go to work knowing their child is being well cared for.

Call:01924 279 719

Park View Childminding

Park View Childminding is an OFSTED registered, Wakefield based home childcare Setting near Thornes Park. Managed by a husband and Wife team, with extensive early years expertise including reception teacher and nursery nurse Qualifications.
Email for vacancy information, or to request an information pack or book a visit.

Susan Mary White, Ossett

Open 6:30am-6pm

For children aged 3mths-12yrs

I provide a home setting with a friendly and loving environment so that the children within my care are made to feel safe, secure and are valued as individuals. I am a true believer in that children who are in a warm friendly environment are better able to reach their full potential and with set boundaries this allows them to flourish and their confidence will grow.

Call:01924 264 649

Suzie Bears, Ossett

Open 7am-5pm Mon-Fri

For children aged 6mths-15yrs

I have a small intimate setting and this means I can dedicate my time to the children and ensure they get lots of attention. I have a lovely garden space which is secure, you are welcome to come and visit my setting and have a look around.

Call:07884 930 090