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Mamma Mei Blog 

Local Mumpreneur ans SAHM Sophie Mei Lan blogs about her ‘weird and wonderful life as a Mum-of-two, a Multi-Award-Winning-Journalist, a Presenter, a Bellydancer, an Actress, a Film-maker, an amateur Footballer and, the Wife of a MasterChef’.

Educating Roversi

Local Mum and Drama teacher found blogging was something she could do for herself, around having a family.

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Christmas Film Guide

Whilst there is a lot going on over the Christmas period for families in Wakefield, sometimes it’s nice to just put your feet up, toast them by the fire and stick on a Christmas Film 🎄🎅 From the Queen’s Speech, Soaps, Christmas Specials & plenty of Christmas films, the TV schedules are full with festive viewing….

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It’s getting colder!

The temperature seems to have taken a sudden drop these last few days! Mini Mumbler was born in the middle of a heat wave so when the temperature dropped for his first winter (he was 6 months old), it was all a complete new learning curve when getting him dressed and taking him out for…

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Make the Last Post!

Last posting dates! I always have a huge panic around this time of year that I have missed the last posting date to USA where my best friend lives. Luckily I am in time this year, just need to wrap the present and get it to the post office now! If you have family and…

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Getting Pregnant: What’s the Secret Ingredient?

Is there really a magic formula for pregnancy? I don’t know about you but I always thought the big issue in life being a woman was to avoid getting pregnant?  All the posters and signs are about how you just look at a man and you get pregnant.  Imagine my shock when in fact this…

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How Cancer Changed Everything, For the Better: A Mum’s Experience 

The first time I noticed something really wasn’t right, we’d just finished decorating our forever home, our first home as a proper little family. I remember so vividly, the flutter of panic, the instant dismissal, but I knew, I just knew the pain that had been becoming increasingly more present wasn’t normal. I didn’t need…

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Cake Smash Review

There is a reason they say never work with animals or kids. Add cake to the kids part and you’ll find yourself two washing cycles later, still wondering how the hell to get chocolate and cream stains out of your jeans! In my case though, you’ll also find yourself with some stunning photographs and memories…

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The Pauline Quirke Academy is a weekend performing arts school for 4-18-year-olds – and the newest branch is opening in Wakefield on Saturday 29th September. Actress Pauline Quirke told us, “When we opened our first Academy in 2007 our mission was simply to provide the very best performing arts education. We’ve grown a lot since…

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Five Tips for Better Sleep

5 tips for better sleep Does your little one wake frequently in the night? Or are they up early in the morning, ready to start the day when you really aren’t? Are you dreaming of a good night’s sleep but just don’t know where to start? I know exactly how you feel – when I…

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Mind Your Language – School Ready?

According to a report published by Save the Children* the number of words your child knows by the age of five is a key indicator of their reading success at age eleven, and the impact of children’s early language development can extend far into adulthood. A child with weak language skills at the age of…

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Independence: Being School Ready

Whilst some of you will have children who are ready and desperate to start school already, some of you may be concerned about how you get your 4 or 5 year old “school ready.” Lucy Patrick is a ex-primary school headteacher and owner of North Kirklees Mumbler. In this guest blog she tells you about…

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